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Below is an overview of our standard rates.

*All current specials are listed at the bottom of the page*

House Call Rates

$40.00 per hour +$0.80 per mile (distances greater than 10 miles from 46517)

*Mileage rates calculated as one-way only per Map Quest, not round trip.

Group Rates 

Because of the variety of potential scenarios with the number of horses, people and spectators, group rates will be quoted case by case.

Long Term Training / Colt Starting 

35 day training programs starting at just $30 per day. This is a five week program. The horse is trained for six days, and given one day off for a total of five weeks. Price includes two hours of horse training per day (60 hours total), feed, stall, routine daily care, and four hours of "owner" training.

Advanced Riding Lessons -

If it is refinement you are seeking, or want to take your riding to the next level; we can help. Our place or yours, our horses or yours.

$40.00 per hour + mileage (if we travel to you)

House Call Guarantee: "if I am unable to correct the specific problem for which I was hired to correct, you the customer, are only responsible to pay the mileage fees (if any) associated with the visit".

We accept the following payment methods:

- Cash in person

- Personal Check

- Visa or Mastercard through Square

- Trades considered (see details below)

Horses for sale: We always have well trained horses available for sale. Contact us today to see who is available.


- Existing customers can refer a friend and receive one hour *free* training for every referral. *Receive two hours Training for the price of one. Trip Charges still apply.

 - Is cash tight? We are pleased to offer our newest program called "Trade for Training". All trades will be considered but we are most interested in horse related items (Western Tack, Grass Hay etc.) Trades must be discussed and agreed upon prior to the start of a training session or lesson.

Email link: mailto:doublebhorsemanship@gmail.com