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What others have to say about Double B Horsemanship:

"Big thanks to Bob for help with trailer loading problem! Trying to get a 16.3h young warmblood in the trailer had become quite a challenge. Having Bob come out and work with the youngster and see what I was up against really helped. Bob has a calm quiet way of handling horses that really impressed me. He gave me some exercises to do and confirmed that the work that I had been doing was correct. It gave me a sense of relief and really helped my confidence. By the next day I had the gelding loading right up and by the day after that I couldn't keep him out of the trailer! Thanks so much!"

Carrie - Middlebury, IN

"I wanted to say that it was very nice to meet you. I was very impressed with your knowledge of horses, people, and the relationship between the two. I rode Tommy today for about 45 minutes. We mostly walked back and forth between the barn and the end of the pasture we worked in yesterday. We did the same thing in the other pasture. Then, we trotted just a few circles. She did absolutely perfect for me and we were both very relaxed. Tommy was very trusting and willing to do as I asked. I could not have asked for a better ride. This was the best yet and I am so happy to feel like Tommy and I are finally on the same page. Just a few days ago I wasn't sure that Tommy and I could work through this and be a team, however after the visit with you, it seems promising.  When her lameness is better, I will try to canter, but for now I am happy to have a ride such as we did today. I will keep you updated and will defiantly call you if I need any further assistance. Also, I am happy to highly recommend you, should I come across anyone else that needs your expertise. That was the best $35.00 I have spent in a long time."

Cassie - Goshen, IN.

"Thanks so much Bob.  We were truly amazed by your technique and ability.  I know Mary was concerned that the "Amish way" would be used.  We have both read quite a bit about natural horsemanship so we knew the right person could work wonders.  You and Jamie are the right people!  I worked with Rogue in the round pen yesterday. He started out pretty much like you started with him but after a few minutes he was taking orders fine without any lead rope.  I plan on working him with flexing daily and will then move to using saddle.  Not going to rush into the saddle but it sure is comforting to know he can get there pretty easily with the right ground work and consistency.  We'll have you back for sure after we work with him for awhile.  You can be sure we'll forward your name to others.  Thanks so much again and for the follow up info!" Rick - Niles, MI.

"Really cool! I’ve seen trainers on TV work their “magic” with horses but always wondered if it was set up or staged in some way to help promote themselves, their methods or products. Now I have seen it for myself – with my horse that we both know was a handful to say the least. I am no longer a skeptic – I am now a believer! Your training methods are simple; easy for me and my horse and the results are beyond my expectations. I guess I never thought it could be quite that simple.  I will continue to work with him per your homework instructions and look forward to our next lesson. Thank you, thank you and thank you!" BW – Niles, MI.

"Oh my gosh!!! What a difference having some education does. I worked Zeke for about 1/2 hour this afternoon and knowing what body language to look for and what to do, makes all the difference in the world. I really had fun instead of frustration. I feel like he is listening to me now and has a little more respect for me. I'm liking him more. Thank you so much. You really know your stuff. I prefer the Natural Horsemanship method and I think Zeke responds to it better than the traditional methods. I will continue working with him and see if it makes a difference when I ride. If I start having problems, you'll be getting a call...........Just wanted you to know I'm very happy." KB, Goshen, IN.

"We are sincerely impressed with your horse knowledge, and communication skills.We have learned more in our two lessons with you,than we have in the three years we have had our horses." KM, Syracuse, IN.

"you were referred to us by a long-time friend. As you know, we had both been using (name removed, another local trainer) for years, with good results and not many complaints. Hopefully you won't raise your rates, but you charge half of what we were paying with (name removed) and do just as good if not better than (name removed) did. I just love that you will come to my barn and work with me and my horse on whatever I want and whenever I want. You truly have a gift with horses and communication. I wish you all the best, and I will be referring others!" CM, Columbia City, IN.

"It was amazing, before you came to us we could not even touch our horses ears now we have no more head shy issues" DC, Edwardsburg, MI.

"My horse Coco would not go near a trailer let alone get in. Now she loads like a pro. I think she actually likes being in the trailer now" SW, Valparaiso, IN

"I had to use a tie-down to keep my horse from throwing his head up. You made fixing the problem look simple. Now he has a great low headset. I will definitely refer you to friends". NM, Goshen, IN.

All i can say is they are wonderful people who care about horses , and the natural horsemanship skills are wonderful. They came and help my 16 year old horse and i on cantering and in 1 hour she was cantering and i cantered her too. If I ever need help again i will surely call them ,they are the best!! Wendy

My husband and I are brand new to horses. Bob and Jamie took the time to show us some basic ground work maneuvers, how to clean their hooves and a lot of other little horse care related things. I was very impressed with both of them. They were professional and plain-spoken. I look forward to working with them in the future. Thanks, Bob and Jamie! Melissa, Elkhart, IN

I was just up in my barn finishing up stalls and I thought of Double B Horsemanship. I looked back and saw little Patriot hanging his head out the stall looking for some scratches. I took on Patriot a couple years ago as a 7 year old stallion that had never been handled. I really liked his bloodlines, but I was faced with the undaunting task of making him understand his days of being a wild little thing were over. I knew I would not have the discipline to work through this myself so I sent him to to Double B for a few months -or actually they went to him in his little round pen and slowly and carefully worked with him until they felt it was time to load him up and take him to their home. I wanted to wish Bob and his family a Happy Thanksgiving and thank them for taking my wild little being and turning him into a nice little guy who now sits in my barn and just wants some human scratches in the morning. He now is getting ridden by a 16 year old, but he never would have made it here without the help of Bob and his family. If anyone is out there frustrated that they think they can't get a horse tame or break a behavior time I highly recommend Double B. I have a great little pony in my barn that loves hugs and scratches thanks to them. Orianna, Ohio

Is there a "Ten Star" rating??? Wow...what can I say, amazing. The horse was fine..lol..it was me, and now with their instruction, care, kindness, patience and the instilling of confidence I received, today, I got on and rode my horse, for my first time without fear, anxiety, shakiness, and I felt I was doing it right for a change. Everything they instructed me to do..WORKED!!! I see great things ahead for me and Sir Vladimir. AND best of all, made 4, it is a family thing, very good friends!!!! And got an awesome Double B wineglass as well..lol...I will be back for clinics etc and the boys will be back for a spring tune up. Cannot thank you enough for say enough good things about Double B and Bob and Jaime and family!!! Launda, IN

First of all, Bob and Jamie are just wonderful people! That happen to love horses! They had my mare Willoe for two weeks. In that time she learned so very much! I had spent plenty of time on ground work but She could be difficult to ride. Bob taught her how to slow down, trot so you wouldn't be thrown up out of the saddle! 
Bob has a very supportive family! Jamie and the girls rode her and helped to teach her gentle leg aids, My husband and I find Double B Horsemanship to be kind to our horse and easy for us to take instruction from! We both would highly recommend Double B Horsemanship! Thank you for 
Enhancing our passion! 
Kent and Susan Raker - Indiana

Bob and Jamie are awesome they are working With one of are 3 year olds and i am so impressed by their love and care of her. They will have many more of Magical Meadows horses to come. Carl, Warsaw, IN

Double b is awesome. Everyone is so nice and they really are patient and take the time needed for the horses - Dori

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