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Again, our most unique services are that we make house calls and offer a "no pay" guarantee. Most common problems can be easily corrected in a few short hours. We will work with you and your horse, at your home, and teach you step by step so that you can work through future issues on your own.

Below is an overview of the services we provide. Give us a call today to begin your own success story.

Problem Horses

Our specialty! If you say "my horse is great except..." let us help you with the "except" part. Problems ranging from disrespectful, biting, trailer loading, headshy, spooking, obstacle refusal, won't stand still, bathing etc. can all be corrected usually quite easily.

Long Term Training

Need a colt started or your horse trained for a specific purpose or event? Give us a call and let us put together a plan tailored specifically for you, your horse and your budget.

Clinics and Group Demos

Clinics or Group demos available for groups of 5 horses and riders. Demos are 4 hours in length and cover a maximum of three topics / problems.

Horse Evaluation

Looking to buy a new horse, but want the opinion of a professional trainer before you buy? Give us a call. We can meet you at the location of the prospect horse, and provide you with an unbiased professional evaluation as to the horse’s performance, level of training, conformation, aptitude and attitude.

We can offer our opinion as to the overall health of the horse, however, Double-B-Horsemanship strongly reccomends having a Veterinarian perform a health check / physical exam prior to your purchase.


Need your horse moved, picked-up or dropped off? Buying a new horse and don't have a trailer? Give us a call, in most cases we can help with very little notice. Rates are .85 per mile calculated as "round trip" from my home, to the horse, to the destination and return to home. Also, any loading or unloading time will be charged at our standard house call rate (one hour minimum charge).

Email link: mailto:doublebhorsemanship@gmail.com